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Hello! We’re Shasta Landscaping.

A full service commercial landscape contractor in the Southern California Region. We provide quality landscape development along with excellent customer service to create beautiful end-results. Shasta Landscaping has been servicing the commercial landscape sector for over 30 years. We’re always striving to know and employ the latest in landscape technology, we consistently stay well educated on the most up-to-date landscaping equipment to handle each and every project.

Our aim is to “Raise the Standards of Excellence in the Landscape Industry.”

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Safety at Shasta

Safety is a very important topic in any labor industry, especially when you live and work in Southern California. Here at Shasta, we want to make sure every one of […]

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Fall Colors For Your Home

Fall colors, including red, orange, and yellow, are one of the best parts of the autumn season. We at Shasta love the fall colors and want to showcase the best […]

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Shasta Spotlight- Christian

Christian has been working with Shasta for 2 years, under Jerry as a Maintenance Foreman. Christian loves being a part of the Shasta team because, here at Shasta, your hard […]