• Corzano Models

    Beautiful views and spacious yards provide the ideal location for entertaining guests or just spending time with family.

  • Alta Del Mar

    With pleasant sea breezes, beautiful skies, and gorgeous views filled with a rustic California-inspired landscape, Alta Del Mar is the most desirable address in coastal San Diego.

  • Carmel Valley Road

    Shasta Landscaping created the Carmel Valley Rd median as an award winning streetscape solution. It provides beauty and functionality for the city of San Diego.

  • Marston Productions

    Shasta and Standard Pacific Homes bring luxury and charm together in the Marston at Del Sur homes, with beautiful and expansive outdoor living areas inspired by California Bungalow, San Juan Rustic, and Spanish architectural styles.

  • Avondale

    Inspired by the rich Spanish history in San Diego, Avondale Productions offer spacious, estate-style homes with luxurious outdoor living and entertaining space. These homes have heavy Andsalusian, Tuscan, and Spanish architectural influences.

  • Avila

    Shasta Landscaping gets to be a part of a growing community by maintaining one of our own construction installations, and seeing the plant material mature as time passes.

  • Governors Park Parking Structure

    Shasta, along with Scott Sandel with Nowell & Associates, helped to create an amazing and unique landscape on this parking structure, which helps make it more inviting and interesting.

  • Kingston Model Homes

    Shasta worked with Standard Pacific Homes to create these luxurious, million dollar homes, creating curb appeal with Andalusian, Tuscan, and Spanish style architecture, and top of the line landscaping.

  • Montiel Dog Park

    This park shows off a wide range of California native, drought tolerant plant material for water conservation. Perfect for playing disc golf or running around with your dog.

  • Preston Model Homes

    These luxury homes were built with Spanish, California Bungalow, and San Juan Rustic architectural style influences. Shasta worked with Standard Pacific Homes to bring landscape and hardscape together to create beautiful outdoor living and entertainment spaces.

  • Revelle College Green Roof

    Shasta Landscaping is proud to be a part of the UCSD community after completing the Revelle College Green Roof, providing something that will be a piece of UCSD for years to come.