Company Wide BBQ

February 15, 2016



At Shasta Landscaping, we have always appreciated our wonderful employees. In our efforts to show our employees how much we care about them, we threw a Company BBQ! Our employees got the chance to hang out and watch as the ownership put on their barbecuing aprons and cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. It was a small but great gesture to our employees on how much we care and how grateful we are to have them.

In order to promote teamwork and friendly competitions, Shasta Landscaping has started a couple contests between the crews over the next few months. Those who win will get to have their bosses cooking for them again. It’s a great way to also make sure that our employees get to have some fun working at Shasta.

Special thanks to Rain Bird for stopping by and dropping off hats and T-shirts as well as to our awesome employees who help Shasta to be the company we aspire to be!