Shasta Spotlight- Christian

August 2, 2016

Christian Carrasco

Christian has been working with Shasta for 2 years, under Jerry as a Maintenance Foreman. Christian loves being a part of the Shasta team because, here at Shasta, your hard work is noticed and appreciated, you aren’t just a number on a piece of paper. He loves the Shasta team, and having the chance to learn something new everyday. Shasta is the type of company that Christian wants to be a part of, he says it’s an awesome team, and even though he lives in El Cajon, he gets up and makes the drive to San Marcos to be apart of our team. He wants to continue growing as an employee, and he wants the company to keep growing and moving forward. Christian wants to keep getting better at what he does, and hopes that one day, he can become a maintenance supervisor or an irrigation tech. He loves that Shasta is a company that is constantly growing, and that we get a little better everyday.