Fall Colors For Your Home

August 17, 2016

marigold bonanza bolero

Fall colors, including red, orange, and yellow, are one of the best parts of the autumn season. We at Shasta love the fall colors and want to showcase the best plants for the fall season. One popular succulent for the beautiful reds and oranges is the Fire Sticks Pencil Brush. We’ve frequently used this succulent to enhance and beautify an outdoor space in our projects. For Southern California, there are a lot of great and easy plants available to have the beautiful and bright fall colors. Some plants that are great for bright reds and yellows are Zinnias, Salvias, and Celosias; these plants offer colors varying from bright yellows and vibrant oranges to deep reds and scarlets. Also good for reds are the Coral Fountain plants, typically planted to have the flowers cascading over the edge of the planter. To get those bright yellows, Tecoma Stans, also known as Yellow Bell flowers are a growing popular choice for their vibrant yellow flowers and their deep green leaves. Mixed colors make for beautiful additions to gardens as well. Plants that offer a yellow and red mix include the Safari Sunset or Summer Red Cone Bush, as well as Marigolds, which have options for either a single color, such as red, orange, or yellow, or mixed colors including red with yellow or red with orange. All of these plants offer the bright and striking colors in the fall. One plant that is easily grown in San Diego is Chrysanthemums. Available in nearly every color, orange, red, and yellow flowers are easily available. One of our great suppliers is DM Color Express, located in Oceanside. They always have amazing color to choose from, and we love working with Sal and their entire team. Have fun with color, give your house a pop of happiness and enjoy the season!