Shasta Spotlight – Carol Vasbinder

October 26, 2016



Carol Vasbinder started working for Shasta in September of 2010, as the Accounts Receivables, however, over the years, she has become so much more. She has gone above and beyond her role in Shasta Landscaping, and become a very respected and loved aspect of this company. Carol respects the men in the field, and understands what they do, and that they’re the priority, anything they need comes first. She understands that the office staff supports the guys in the field, not the other way around, and because of this, they respect her and are very comfortable with coming to her with what they need.

Carol’s role in the office involves establishing relationships with vendors and clients, and making sure the relationship is productive, and everyone is working together. She is great at coordinating between the clients and the field, and making sure everyone understands what has been done and what needs to be done. What she loves most about her role at Shasta is that she is given the freedom to do her job the way she knows its meant to be done, allowing her to not only establish great relationships with the clients and vendors, but also with the employees in the field.

Carol is also a very family oriented person, a characteristic that she is elated to see in Shasta. She loves that the company feels like a family, and that the owners care about the people that work for them, not just their job or position. Everyone supports each other in what they do, and the atmosphere is light and fun. Carol cares about everyone with the company, and has a great sense of humor. She handles her job very well, and keeps her attitude and the general atmosphere in the office very light. Carol is the type of person that you can talk about just about anything with. She is also an avid sports fan, everything from football to soccer. GO HAWKS!