Safety at Shasta

September 14, 2016


Safety is a very important topic in any labor industry, especially when you live and work in Southern California. Here at Shasta, we want to make sure every one of our workers get home safe and sound at the end of every shift. To do this, we’ve implemented many safety programs throughout our company, the biggest being our Heat Illness and Injury Prevention Program (HIPP), which includes how we and our workers can continue working, even on the hottest day of the year, 106°F! A big part of ensuring everyone is able to stay cool throughout the day is providing bags of ice at the beginning of the day so our guys can have cold water all day long. As well as our heat program, we have weekly team meetings and company wide safety meetings at our offices. With these meetings, our crews can go over what needs to be done each week, and which safety measures need to be carefully considered at each jobsite. We also have weekly jobsite specific tailgate safety meetings, which relate to the safety precautions that are taken at each jobsite, especially our construction sites. We’re thankful to have such awesome crews here at Shasta, and we’re so lucky that the communication between our departments is always on par, and that everyone is always on the same page. We couldn’t ask for a better team!