Krysten Prescott’s Summer at Shasta

October 6, 2015


This summer, Shasta Landscaping had the opportunity to work with Krysten Prescott. While she was home from University of Northern Colorado for the summer, studying Sport and Exercise Science, Krysten worked from multiple facets of Shasta Landscaping.

Krysten worked with Debi Prescott, Shasta Landscaping’s CFO, and learned how the different departments of the company work together to accomplish their goals of beautiful end results, excellent customer service, and raising the standards of excellence in the landscape industry. With Debi, Krysten assisted with many day to day items, such as payroll and payables; but that’s not all she did. Krysten also assisted Jose Aguilar in the estimating department, helping with bids and payables.

Throughout the summer, Krysten’s help at Shasta Landscaping helped the company run smoothly and efficiently. To have her children join the Shasta legacy “is such a joy to watch.” Debi loves being able to show her children “what it’s like to run a company, from the day to day requirements to the unexpected operations.” Debi continues to say, “They get to see you work to solve problems and issues, big and small.” She hopes that their experiences here at Shasta will help in their future endeavors.