Waterwise Botanicals

August 18, 2015


Waterwise Botanicals is a frequently used source for drought tolerant plant material for Shasta Landscaping. Waterwise Botanicals is committed to providing all varieties of plant material, including drought tolerant, in order to help provide beautiful alternatives to seasonal color and unnecessary water usage. As the water shortage in California only gets worse, Shasta Landscaping has teamed up with Waterwise Botanicals and taken a proactive stance regarding water conservation and the California drought.

Waterwise Botanicals has such a wide variety, that Shasta Landscaping is able to come up with great ideas and methods to provide home builders and commercial projects with sustainable drought tolerant plant material. Shasta is able to pair this plant material with innovative irrigation systems that help prevent overwatering plant material.

As long as Shasta Landscaping and Waterwise Botanicals are paired, a drought tolerant landscape will never have to be solely a combination of cacti and rock.